Grace Place Missions
Introducing Grace Place Missions.
With the help of thousands of volunteers, Grace Place has placed over 1,000,000 Scriptures in Russian freely. Over $1,000,000 of medicine and equipment to the children of Cuba, along with hundreds of thousands of spiritual materials and Scriptures have also gone to Romania, China, South America, and many other countries.

Dr. Amato's work and message has been featured on VH1, FOX, the British Broadcasting Company, The Canadian Broadcasting Company, and many other national and international television networks. Thousands of people have now joined this march towards peace among the nations. Physicians and others who are themselves recruiting people have launched hundreds of parallel missions.

They all have the same goal. To bring healing to suffering people around the planet. Dr. Amato says, "we cannot get the post socialist nations to simply swallow whole our values and belief system just because we say too. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care". Thus Grace Place was founded and is now flourishing.

No place is the global significance of Grace Place people more apparent than Cuba. After decades of isolation from Americans, Cuba has now opened to Grace Place like a beautiful flower to the warmth of the sun. Through United States government sanctioned trips, doctors, nurses, and other volunteers have the chance of a lifetime to not only witness history in the making but also actually be a part in shaping it.
Joining medicine and faith to bring hope and healing to the world.
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